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you you, you we begin this noon with breaking news out of san jose. it's thursday afternoon, i'm grace lee. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. we begin this noon with breaking news out of san jose. a gas leak has prompted an evacuation of several homes on saint john street. that is near the san jose state university campus.
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police say a car crashed into a house at 447 saint john, causing a leak at the gas meter. fire crews are monitoring while pg&e works on the damaged line. the gas is not expected to be turned back on until about 12:30. there are two injuries but how they happened is still not known. in san francisco, one man is dead after the shuttle bus that he was riding in collided with a big rig. anser hassan reports. >> reporter: traffic is back to normal. but in the morning it wasn't the case at octavia and oak streak. it was closed after a big rig and shuttle bus carrying 15 passengers collided leaving one man dead. this intersection is prone to accidents according to residents but nothing like what they saw this morning. >> this goes on all the time. to be a pedestrian in this area driving is dangerous.
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>> reporter: or even fatal as was the case this morning. a shuttle bus was carrying employees and possibly patients to san francisco general hospital. it crashed with this big rig carrying cars at octavia and oak street in san francisco's hayes valley. the force was so strong, it causedded a passenger to be ejected. somehow he landed in front of the big rig where he was pinned under the vehicle. the male victim in his 40s was pronounced dead at the scene. >> we do know that the tractor- trailer was going northbound on octavia but we're not sure which direction that the shuttle was going. >> reporter: that evidence will help them determine what caused the accident and who is at fault. the driver of both vehicles were unhurt but three other passengers on the shuttle, two elderly females and a male, suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. residents are frustrated with the number of accidents at this intersection. one resident hopes the city
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will do more to fix it. >> i'm not surprised it's another crash, though. we just had one sunday night. the whole neighborhood has called city hall and no one at city hall will listen to us! >> reporter: they may listen now. the mayor and supervisor came to the scene. after the investigation, we spoke to sfpd before coming on air. they still haven't identified the man but there is indication that someone ran a red life but we don't know who. >> thank you, anser hassan. this afternoon, police are investigating a woman's burned body found in a quiet oakland neighborhood. a rockridge resident reported a body in the street at ivanho and chabot about 4:30 this morning. police found a dead woman who had been badly burned. the grisly discovery and the police presence were a shock to the neighborhood. >> it's totally foreign. we haven't had anything like that happen here before.
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>> kind of scary. i hope it's no one that i know. >> police have not identified the victim. they are investigating the possibility that the woman was killed somewhere else then dumped on the street. san jose police are investigating a man's body found floating in a creek yesterday. it was spotted next to a golf course at coyote creek at 5 p.m. the body is not identified. it's into the clear if investigators have determined -- the cause of death hasn't been determined yet. the cost of education is higher for hundreds of thousands of uc students this fall. the regents are meeting today to vote on a tuition increase. anne makovec reports live from san francisco. police are prepared for angry reaction. has it gotten heated so far? >> reporter: well, the protests here are much smaller than last time there was an increase of tuition. you can see some small groups here. but police were certainly prepared. over there you can see some police barricades lined up
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ready for the regents' decision, which hasn't come in yet. [ yelling ] >> reporter: a handful of protestors wearing costumes of cartoon characters saying the government seems to care more about corporations than colleges. >> i'm here today to defend public education for all california students. >> reporter: the regents are voting on a 9.6% tuition increase this fall on top of an 8% boost already approved bringing undergrad tuition to more than $12,000 a year. and that's without room, board or books. >> why are students being stripped down by heavy student loans, huge class sizes. many of us have to stay in school for longer than necessary because we can't get the classes needed to finish. >> reporter: the regents say they have no choice: the state budget cuts $150 million more than they had planned. >> rather than blame, i think really what we need is for the
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people of california, including lawmakers and the governor, to recognize the importance of higher education. >> reporter: and the regents are supposed to officially vote on this, this afternoon. grace? >> all right, anne makovec in mission bay, thank you. it's not tuition but housing that's the problem at san jose state. the university's incoming freshman class is one of the largest in the school's history. and there's not enough dorm space. the administration says that it may place more than 200 students in nearby hotels for the fall semester. checking some other bay area headlines, a 17-year-old girl remains in critical condition after being pulled into the ocean near marin's muir beach. the girl was with two other teens at a cove that got cut off when the tide came in. she got pulled into the surf and was struggling against a rip current when a good samaritan pulled her out. the other teens made it to
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safety alone. a stretch of highway 87 in san jose is still closed because of the sinkhole in the southbound lane near west virginia street. number 3 lane of the west alma off-ramp was closed at 3 a.m. the hole 30 by 30 feet is still being repaired. chp says the road could be closed well into the evening rush hour. and a setback for efforts to preserve hangar one at moffett field. federal money had been committed to replace the siding, but it got yanked in a new funding bill for nasa. $33million had been dedicated to remove the structure's toxic siding. this latest setback means the hangar's skeleton could sit exposed for years. china has now joined the chorus of calls for the u.s. to deal with its debt crisis. both political parties in the meantime are meeting today again to find that right balance of spending reductions and revenue enhancements in order to allow the limit to be
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raised before that august deadline. now, failure to do so could mean that military and social security checks will not go out and the u.s. will default on billions in loans, most of that to the chinese. countdown to carmageddon. how l.a. drivers are preparing for this weekend's freeway shutdown. and a rock star wake-up call for the shuttle. the message for the crew from a rock singer. > >> sunshine inland, cloud cover elsewhere but a warmup is on the way. i'll tell you when and how much we'll warm up coming right up. closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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carmageddon doesn't care about your prius. >> oh, the bears are at it again and it's just one of dozens of parodies popping up warning the world about the nightmare gridlock that's expected this weekend in los angeles. the event is now dubbed, carmageddon. even for a region that's legendary for its traffic snarls, this weekend it's predicted to bring the mother of all gridlock. >> the mother. with a 10-mile stretch of one of the nation's busiest highways set to shut down for more than 50 hours, bill whitaker says car crazy angelenos are getting creative. >> reporter: this is how the 405 dubbed the nation's busiest freeway usually looks, 500,000 cars travel the 10 miles linking west los angeles to the highly populated san fernando valley. because it's so heavily traveled it needs to be widened. and to be widened, it needs to be completely shut down.
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>> even if we get the message off to half the people that still means 250,000 people are going to try to use that road. >> reporter: so from friday night to monday morning, traffic could be backed up as much as 64 miles as thousands of commuters who rely on this freeway find other ways to get around. los angeles residents have a word for what's to come. >> carmageddon! >> reporter: even actor eric estrada who played a highway patrolman on tv is getting the word out. >> avoid the area or just stay home. >> reporter: this doctor at a nearby ucla hospital knows where he will be spending the weekend. >> i'm going to be staying in my office. i'm sleeping here. >> reporter: and the hospital support staff will also be roughing it, sleeping on cots in a nearby not yet occupied medical office tower. >> i'll be staying here for four days. going to be like a vacation. >> reporter: still, many are capitalizing on the expected catastrophe. >> we thought it was kind of fun to poke fun at make a little moneyalong the way. >> reporter: the skies might be
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full. for just $4, jetblue says it will fly you right over the mess. and for $400, a local helicopter company will give you and a friend a bird's-eye view. >> we booked about 15 tours so far. we're expecting anywhere from 80 to 100. >> reporter: the last time los angeles was warned to expect this level of gridlock was during the 1984 olympics. so many people were scared off the roads, traffic was a breeze. maybe this happy history will repeat itself and this time will be calm calmageddon instead. bill whitaker, cbs news, los angeles. >> jetblue has sold out of those $4 airline tickets for flights. they were from burbank to long beach. no gridlock in the skies. the flights will only take about 45 minutes. >> so you think it's going to be calm. i think it's going to be terrible. >> i really have no idea.
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i'm just guessing. seems like they put the message out so much that people would stay home. >> people in l.a. and their cars, i'm telling you. i've lived there. >> carmageddon. like it. a little more surgeon, a little more warmth. kristy says the weekend picture is a whole lot clearer. >> maybe not the best weather for sitting inside a theater but millions will. the beginning of the end for harry potter. ,,,,,,,,,,
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r-e-m front man michael stipe sang to the atlantis crew as part of today's wake-up call... ♪[ music ] ♪ if you believed they put a man on the moon ♪ rem's front man michael stipe sang to the crew of the shuttle as a wake-up call and thanked the men and women of nasa's shuttle program. he recorded man on the moon in italy where galileo had his telescope. they return home next week. >> i'm already on friday in my mind! [ laughter ] >> so let's have the weekend forecast. it has to be good. it's been rougher this week. >> it has been. everybody hung in there like good sports and there's going to be more sunshine by this afternoon. next week it will start but nice for this weekend. we should see temperatures that are slightly warmer than today although right now outside still seeing cloud cover although that blue is peeking through.
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that should give people home there is better weather on the way. inland we'll see mostly sunny skies by the afternoon. and some clouds as well at the bay shores or hanging around the bay shores but sunshine, as well. and at the coast, cloudy, cool and drizzle. the rest of the bay area fogging up. we'll see low clouds around the bay and inland. partly cloudy skies. but should be mild in the 50s. we started to clear out inland also up in parts of the north bay so seeing some sunshine there already and even more sunshine on the way. if you just hang tight that area of low pressure is bringing us that cool weather today, breezy conditions and that is actually going to be followed by another low before we see the high pressure building in to bring us warmer weather. today's highs look like this. 69 for los altos and mountain view. 71 the high in milpitas and sunnyvale. 75 in morgan hill. seeing some mid-70s inland here. east bay 76 in antioch and brentwood. 69 danville.
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alameda 62. 62 berkeley. north bay starting to see sunshine there, temperatures 70s the high today in san anselmo, 76 the high for fairfield and 68 for benicia. tomorrow's weather looking similar to today so some sunshine for you, grace, inland, if you head out there. but otherwise it's going to be cool. we are not going to warm up until we make it into the start of the next workweek so saturday and sunday, slightly warmer. by wednesday, though, high 80s inland. how's that? >> after this week, i'll take it. >> all right! [ laughter ] mad men and mildred pierce lead the pack in the most nominations. the miniseries earned 21 nominations. the 18960s drama mad men earned 19 including best drama the most for any tv series. other top nominees included boardwalk empire, the good wife, which is right here on cbs, earned nods for best tv drama as well as best actress.
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the awards will be presented september 18. no greater threat than today. >> the midnight showing of "harry potter and the deathly hallows, part 2" is sold out. kids who grew up with harry, their parents have become fans. liam mayclem from "eye on the bay" says it was good. she turned a debilitating disorder into a passion for helping others. sharon chin says this week's jefferson award hasn't let panic attacks keep her from reaching out. >> reporter: former celebrity photographer and artist eve lynne robinson was diagnosed with agoraphobia 15 years ago. anxiety and fear of panic attacks cut her off from the rest of the world. >> i was house-bound. i didn't know why i couldn't leave my house. >> reporter: she discovered
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others also suffered from panic disorders. so she founded the nonprofit sankofa holistic healing institute at her oakland home in 1996. she wrote the healing journal to help thousands of women and children conquer anxiety and depression. >> i understand how difficult it is when you don't have the resources. >> reporter: eve lynne's healing center has since expanded. she also distributes donated food, clothes and bicycles to low income neighbors. the program evolved from her need to make money from selling old bicycles she had repaired. >> i was bankrupt. i was about to lose my house. i had to get creative because i couldn't go out to work. >> reporter: she still seldom travels beyond her home but hosts backyard festivals for her nations. her halloween bash includes pony rides. and her most recent easter egg hunt welcomed the mayor. 10-year-old volunteer kitty lee says eve lynne makes neighbors like her feel special. >> it makes me feel like i'm her best friend.
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>> reporter: and then about two years ago, eve lynne started something new and inspire for african-american girls and it all started with these tiles that she created. >> i was learning ceramics at the time, another way to deal with my anxiety. >> reporter: on the tiles, she painted a character she created, a 7-year-old african- american girl named ella b. jenkins. >> ella b. jenkins was so excited. >> reporter: with her friend's encouragement she published her first children's book last fall, ella meets barack obama. >> what is the message of legal? >> self-esteem. feeling good about herself. the they are hand made by african women. >> reporter: even the sale of ella merchandise empowers women. she ensures the 100 women in kenya who sew the beaded accessories get the profits to pay for clean water and medicine. volunteers marvel as all she does to serve her community. >> she always says yes,
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basically. and people are drawn to her. she is very loving and giving. >> anything we can do to help somebody, you know, it's part of my human revolution. >> reporter: so for healing and inspiring thousands of people from her home, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to eve lynne robinson. sharon chin, cbs 5. >> nominate your local heroes for jefferson awards or line at click the connect button at the top of the page and then jefferson awards. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's a fun way to work out, but zumba's growing popularity is today's tip of the day is with fresh arugula. you can buy it so many different ways. you can buy it in like the baby leaf arugula that's sold in the plastic bags, the regular arugula sold in the plastic bag but no matter how cut it, it's good for us and tastes delicious. i like it like this. see this right here? when it's bunched like this and the roots are still attached. and you put them in water in the refrigerator it will continue to get nutritional value and flavor and stay nice and crispy. so when you do buy it like this in a bunch, make sure the leaves are nice and green all the way around. and nice and firm. the roots are attached, and in the refrigerator with some
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water. arugula. great for so many different salads or even cook w you just can't beat it and i'm tony tantillo your fresh grocer and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. this is a beautiful bunch of arugula. take a look. coming up tonight at 5:00, it is a fun way to work out but zumba's growing popularity is also leading to an increase in injuries. how to make sure those dance moves don't get you hurt. we'll have that and more tonight at 5:00. >> all right. thank you for watching. enjoy your afternoon. >> caption colorado, llc
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